Dating Apps vs. Foreign Bride

Online dating doesn’t have to be too risky.

Finding a genuine long-term relationship that has the chance to turn into a marriage is not easy. Most people, when they hear about online dating, think of being scammed or catfished. Rest assured, you’ve found the right place to avoid those problems.

We at Foreign Bride are one of the many trusted online matchmaking sites on the internet. There are many online dating platforms available on the market, so the question is, how do we stand out when it comes to finding authentic love?

First, we need to ask why people use dating apps at all. We believe a good number are out there to find a real relationship but mixed in among them are those who are just in it to find a quick hookup with no strings attached.

Foreign Bride specializes in connecting gentlemen such as yourself with an honest-to-goodness woman. Those who register with us are those who want to commit to a long-term relationship.

So how does Foreign Bride compare to the many dating apps out there?

What Are Dating Apps?

In general, any online application on your cell phone that is intended for dating, meeting possible mates, or hookups falls under the category of a dating app. The usual procedure involves a quick perusal of a profile on your phone or laptop and initiating a signal of interest in the hopes that the other replies to you in kind.

Those who use such platforms are looking for casual flings. The usual motivation is fun, the thrill of conquering another’s interest, boredom, or simple curiosity. Some people use dating apps as a rebound for a previous failed relationship or even as a way to exact vengeance on a partner.

Yes, some people use them to find a real relationship, but it is fair to say that such platforms aren’t your best bet.

Are Dating Apps Safe?

Most dating apps are free, but to access their best features, you must submit your payment information to get through the paywall. Not all dating apps can protect you from hackers. Assume that your information is not guaranteed to be as protected as you think it should be.

Apart from hackers, there are many cases of ‘catfishing’ scams. This is when someone uses a fake online persona to gain the trust of another and scams them of their savings and hard work.

No Verification

There are other downsides you might not be aware of apart from security and privacy concerns.

With dating apps, anyone can sign up and create a profile without verification or cross-checking. When using such services there will always be that doubt if the person you are interacting with is real or has honest intentions.

Anonymity is the key reason why individuals can do this to unsuspecting men. Anyone who can use a cellphone or computer can operate it for whatever reason, positive or negative. Of course, most people would rather err on the side of caution.

What is Foreign Bride?

Foreign Bride is one of the most well-known matchmaking agencies. We have over 27 years of experience in the international matchmaking industry and have been helping men such as yourself find a foreign woman for marriage.

We take pride in our world-class work as we bring you the finest women the world has to offer that are interested in the same thing you are – authentic love.


Working with a name that you can trust, we will be sure to let you know and feel that your interests are safe with us. Being in this industry for over two decades doesn’t come without having anything to show for it. We have been featured in numerous news articles, magazines, and mainstream media.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability. Apart from ensuring the profile you see is the same as who you will meet later on, we are always seeking to improve our services. Any personal information submitted to us is kept with strict measures of security and confidentiality which you cannot find with dating apps.


Foreign Bride ensures what should be expected of a reputable company in our industry. We vet and screen every woman that registers with us to ensure that what you see in her profile is true. You do not have to worry about scammers, catfishers, and individuals that are not looking for a serious relationship.

When you meet women on our singles tours, you will be paired with our professional matchmakers and a support staff that will coach you during the courting process. Check out our recently completed tour photos and testimonial videos so you have a visual of what we can do for you.

Meetups Are Secure

Rest assured that we at Foreign Bride will provide what a dating app cannot. A safe, secure, and honest matchmaking experience. Aside from being in safe hands, we’ll be there by your side during the meeting process.

All of your meetups will be held fittingly and securely. From start to finish, we’ll be there along the way to prepare all the necessary documents which include visa applications, marriage applications, and more.

Why Choose Foreign Bride

Why take a chance with a dating app? We at Foreign Bride can guarantee verification and assurance of every profile we post. We go the extra mile and we have the experience and success to show for it.

Find your match with Foreign Bride and experience what so many of our satisfied clients have already found with our matchmaking services. SIGN UP FOR FREE with us today.

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