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Welcome to Foreign Bride! We help men like you meet single foreign women through our entertaining and highly interactive travel vacation tours around Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and more.

In nearly three decades, we have produced thousands of international marriages. Yours could be the next!

Our Services

Foreign Bride has been in the singles industry for 27 years. No other international matchmaking agency rivals what we offer and the real results we produce.

Our reputation speaks for itself, as sixty percent (60%) of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. Our staff members and professional matchmakers are directly involved in helping you find your match.

Through our singles vacations tour, you’ll meet foreign women who, like you, are looking for a meaningful, lasting relationship. You’ll have the option to meet and dine with them in the most romantic and luxurious places around cities like Kiev, Kherson, Nikolaev, and St. Petersburg in Europe; Cebu, Shenzhen, and Davao in Asia; Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Medellin in Latin America, and many more.

Professional matchmakers will be on-site throughout the tour to help you connect with the woman you’re most compatible and comfortable with.

We’ll make the search fun and convenient for you because we’re committed to helping you find your match, one with whom you can happily spend the rest of your life.

The Singles Tours Include

We give our clients exclusive VIP treatment. We ensure you get more than your money’s worth in terms of assistance and accommodation during the singles tours.

Again, no other high-end matchmaking agency offers you both a luxurious experience and a high probability of success.

Fully Catered Socials

Our team and staff spend months preparing for the socials — the highlight of our singles tour. Here you’ll meet, dine, and have a great time with hundreds of single, marriage-minded, charming, and hot foreign women.

The event comes complete with great food, music, ambiance, and interactive activities. We set the mood right in the socials so you can get comfortable meeting foreign women.

If someone catches your attention, don’t hesitate to approach our team to help you get introduced. She might be the one!

Personal Introductions

Whether you sign up for a group tour or individual tour, we’ll arrange personal introductions for you and the woman you are interested in. We’ll hold this one-on-one introduction in some of the city’s most wonderful places.

Here you can talk and get to know each other more. A personal matchmaker may also accompany you as well as a translator.

Translation Services

Language barriers are a common problem with men seeking love and marriage abroad. This is why we offer free translation services. Our professional translators will be on standby throughout the tour to help you communicate smoothly with the women.

Guided City Tour

Other than meeting beautiful single women, you’ll also be taken on a guided city tour. You’ll visit the city’s best locations, taste local delicacies, and have a glimpse of the local culture. This alone could make your trip worthwhile.

Pre-Flight Assistance

We’ll be with you every step of your journey. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the tour and give you a comprehensive checklist before you board that plane.

We also give you a glimpse of what to expect from the moment you land, go through immigration, tour around the city, and more. Our staff will help you go through and complete important travel documents, such as your visa.

Airport Pick-Up

The moment your plane lands, you become our responsibility. We’ll pick you up at the airport and send you directly to the hotel so you can relax. Long flights can be exhausting, so we’ll make sure you get your much-needed rest.

Luxury Accommodation

We promised you the best, so we’ll bring them to you. This includes letting you stay in the finest hotels in cities around Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and more. We’ll ensure your accommodations come with amenities such as a pool, a gym, and great city views.

We’ll handle everything from booking, room reservations, payment processing, and smooth check-in. We’ll personally do everything to give you a luxury stay.

24/7 Hospitality

Your convenience is our priority. Should you need anything or experience problems with anything throughout the tour, our dedicated staff and personnel will be at your every beck and call. Don’t hesitate to approach our team for assistance whenever you need anything or feel uncomfortable.

As a professional dating agency that has earned respect in the industry, we always strive to meet the expectations of our valued clients. We may only organize tours a few times a year, but they will be some of the best experiences our clients will ever have.

We can help you find your life mate. You could meet her on our very next tour. SIGN UP with us NOW and join our upcoming tours.

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