How to Start Conversations with Foreign Women: Ideal Questions to Ask

Asking a foreign woman the right questions can help you to secure a second date.

When you’re dating a foreign woman for the first time, you have to visualize how you want your conversation to play out. Not only do you have limited knowledge about her, you might not know much about the country she is from.

Preparing the right questions to ask foreign women on a date plays a big role in whether you’re cut off or not for international dating. One wrong question and you’ll lose your chance of dating someone foreign long-term.

Growing up in different countries and cultures, you may have opposing viewpoints on certain matters. You may have different religions, upbringings, or levels of cultural sensitivity. But, if you have common values or goals like building a happy, lasting marriage, then you’ll most likely get along.

Here are a few ideal questions to ask foreign ladies to get your conversations going:

How was your day?

Show her that you are interested in everything about her. She will appreciate this more than you realize. Use this ice-breaker to get out of awkward situations. This may be all you need to get her comfortable and open up.

What is it that you like most in this town/country?

Don’t just show interest in your date, but in her mother country as well. Many women are proud of the country and town they grew up in. Express admiration for their home country and, if you mean it, show that you might even consider living there.

As you listen to her explain what she likes about her town or country, ask her if she would be willing to give you a tour. Or, you may reroute the conversation and ask her if she has been to other countries and if she could detail her experiences. Mostly everyone enjoys talking about traveling. They may love their country, but women that are into foreign dating are more open to exploring places around the world.

What are your relationship deal breakers?

This may come off as somewhat upfront when asked on your first few dates. But, if she’s serious about possibly taking your relationship to another level, she will understand. It’s important early on to know what you guys are getting into — the things you need to give, take, or compromise, and the non-negotiables.

What things are the most important to you?

Asking this question will allow you to know what kind of woman she is. You want to know about her dreams, her goals in life, and the people she’s willing to make sacrifices for. You’ll also discover the values she follows and believes in — like how important a family is, or how crucial it is to follow one’s dream.

This way, you will know if you both believe in the same things and if you’re willing to support her aspirations.

Questions You Need to Avoid Asking

Every country has its own unique dating culture. But there are questions considered to be generally offensive and rude — ones you want to avoid.

Here are a few of them:

Why are you still single?

You may genuinely want to know why she is single. But see it from her perspective and you’ll realize that it’s quite an insensitive thing to ask. The question may imply that she’s still single because something is wrong with her.

Whatever the reason she’s unmarried is none of your business. Just think of it as a choice she’s now willing to change. Chances are, she’s been asked that several times and doesn’t want to hear it anymore. After all, one of the reasons she’s dating a foreign man like you is to receive less judgment and prejudice.

How much money do you make?

Talking about financial matters is important when dating foreign women especially if you have plans of getting married one day. However, it’s not something you ask on your first few meetings or dates.

In some countries, it’s customary for men to become the family provider. Women, while still active in their careers, prefer to handle most of the domestic responsibilities, especially in highly traditional countries. After all, most of them are raised to nurture their family.

It doesn’t mean foreign ladies are only after a man’s money. If you’re opposed to this idea, you can talk about it later, lay out your argument, and find a way for you to compromise. Just don’t mention them outright as they may find it insensitive.

Where did you buy those clothes, and how much are they?

If you don’t have anything nice to say about her clothes, makeup, or hair, then keep your opinion to yourself. Don’t ask where and how much she got her clothes for either. You’ll make her feel bad or uncomfortable because she’ll think she wasted hours trying to look pretty for you.

To avoid coming off as rude or materialistic, don’t ask her what brand of clothes she has. Instead, focus on giving her compliments.

Would you like to spend the night with me?

Most foreign women are conservative. Don’t make the grave mistake of throwing this question to the best foreign wives to marry. Especially on the first date, don’t give them the impression that you’re just in it to get laid — for a hookup

Some of them take pride in waiting till they’re married before becoming deeply physically intimate. Give her a reason to stick with you by respecting her boundaries.

You don’t have to be a relationship expert to know what and not to ask on your foreign date. Simply be sensitive and think twice before voicing out your opinion. Only ask sensitive questions if there is something you feel you need to know. As long as you ask respectfully, a foreign woman will gladly oblige.

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