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Have you ever considered that your future lifemate could be from another country? In our nearly 3 decades of bridging the gap between Western men and foreign women, we certainly believe in that possibility.

But how does one go about meeting a potential partner from another country? There are plenty of dating apps out there, but very few guarantee a happy ending. These dating apps are mostly concerned with generating revenue from repeat users instead of finding you someone to grow old with.

We at Foreign Bride, on the other hand, measure our success through the number of marriages and lasting relationships we help make happen. And in over 27 years, we have produced thousands!

Through our finely tuned features and time-tested methods, you’ll meet foreign women who have the same goals as yours in mind — marriage. You won’t have second thoughts about whether the person you’re talking to is open to receiving your love, or if they’re even a real person to begin with.

Before registering with our service, the women we feature are thoroughly checked and interviewed for integrity and authenticity. With our trusted matchmaking services, you’ll only meet women whose end goal is to become a bride and start a family.

How to Use Our Dating and Matchmaking Services

Our dedicated team of staff and professional matchmakers will make every step of your search easy and stress-free. To begin, simply register, fill out your profile, and submit your preferences.

Once you are all set up, we’ll go through our registry of over 50 thousand active profiles to find your compatible match — from Latin America and Europe to East and Southeast Asia. You will meet women online, and later on, in person through our socials tours and events.

Grab this chance to visit countries around the world to meet your perfect match. We’ll arrange everything — from travel and booking requirements to your food and accommodation. We want you to totally focus on enjoying yourself, the travel experience, and of course, being around and socializing with beautiful foreign women.

Unlike other dating platforms, Foreign Bride aims to see you walk out of our service with a woman who’ll love and hold you for the rest of your life.

Registration is FREE

Enjoy FREE REGISTRATION with no hidden charges once you decide to join our services. Absolutely no obligations. Just click SIGN UP and you’re a few, easy steps away from connecting with your potential match.

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Set Your Preferences and Online Profile

After signing up, set up your profile according to your preferences. We recommend you customize your location, add a profile photo, and write a short bio. This will help us find you better, more accurate matches and for foreign ladies’ you have the same preferences with to notice you.

For a better experience, you can also filter out women who don’t match your preference and leave out only those you see potential to be with.

Begin Receiving Letters from Women Worldwide

This may sound exaggerated, but you can ask our previous clients and they’ll tell you the same. Ladies will start sending you letters literally an hour after you sign up. They will introduce themselves — hoping you’ll find them interesting. You’re not obligated to reply to all of them. You can reply to as few or as many as you want.

This can be pretty overwhelming, so we added another feature. Once you find someone you’ll communicate with constantly, you can opt not to receive letters from other women. Turn this feature off on your account’s control panel.

Several Communication Options

We understand the value of communication in creating and maintaining a healthy connection. To help you stay connected with the foreign woman you’re talking with, Foreign Bride offers several communication options. All of these you can conveniently avail yourself at an affordable fee.

Express Mail Service. Letters will never go out of style and will always be romantic. Craft a personal letter to your future foreign bride and we’ll send it wherever she is in the world.

Don’t worry if you speak different languages because our free translation service will break this barrier for you. All you need to do is pour your heart out into that letter and we’ll translate it into her language as accurately and eloquently as possible.

Over the Phone. Sometimes, deeper conversations only happen by speaking directly to each other. With our over-the-phone service, you can talk and hear her voice whenever and wherever you prefer.

Gifting Service. You may want to express your love by sending gifts and packages. We’ll take care of sending them — personally — to your future foreign bride. We’ll deliver your gift right outside her door, and send you proof of receipt by taking her photo as she receives your package.

Outside Communication Methods. If you need more exclusive communication, although we already guarantee privacy in all of our communication methods, you can use Viber, Skype, texting, or any other outside ways to communicate.

As long as she sends us written consent allowing the release of her personal information to you, it’s completely fine. That way, we can ensure your security under IMBRA or the U.S. International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2006.

While signing up is free, you may choose to avail of our more comprehensive matchmaking services and features in two ways. We offer both for a very affordable fee.

No other matchmaking company offers a high level of security and authenticity close to these costs.

Pay As You Go. This payment option allows you to pay only for the features you’ll use and leave out others you choose not to utilize.

Platinum Membership. Unlock all our site’s features by availing of our Platinum membership. This gives you the full experience and access to exclusive perks and discounts on many of our services.

  • 25% discount on Express Email service
  • 33% discount on Over the Phone service
  • Access to exclusive videos from women’s profiles
  • BONUS credit when adding funds to your account
  • CANCEL your membership ANYTIME with no obligation
  • And more!

Meet a Foreign Bride in Person

Experience the best of our professional matchmaking services by joining our seven, 10, 14, or 17-day international tours and socials to countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and more. Here you will meet hundreds of beautiful women from the country you are touring.

While you create memories with your future foreign bride, we work hard to serve you only the best food, accommodation, and travel transfers. We’ll make sure you have the perfect romantic vacation experience and walk out of our service with a woman you can have a lifetime commitment with.

If you dream of starting a new life and family with a foreign bride, then look no further. Begin your journey of finding a lifetime partner NOW and SIGN UP with us for FREE!

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