The History of Foreign Matchmaking

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In the evolution of international dating, century-old documents prove that different cultures brought up the activity of matchmaking and started the practice that has lasted since love and civilization began.

Eastern European Jewish communities have a matchmaking event called the Shidduch which would be facilitated by a matchmaker called a shadkhan.

In Japan, formal matchmaking, in the sense of an arranged marriage, is called Omiai. The matchmaker is called a Nakodo who serves as the go-between and facilitator during the process.

In China, Nu Gua is the patroness of matchmakers and helped establish the norms for marriage.

In Latin America, families have a common practice of finding a suitable mate for their children that considers the other marriage partner’s finances and place in society.

Much of our history shows that marriage was not an individual choice. It was mostly governed by families who decided and based on their interests. For example, if the family wanted to attain a higher status, they could marry their son or daughter to the nobility or higher class in exchange for sharing the family’s wealth if they were wise in business.

Apart from the transactional nature of marriage, most people still prefer to marry based on love and attraction.

These days, arranged marriages and the like are frowned upon due to the business-like nature that does not consider the consent of the individuals involved.

Today, there is more attention on individual freedom and choice in establishing a marriage apart from times in the past that considered marriage only if the family agreed to the union. Neither do societal nor religious norms place a premium on deliberations between the marriage partners’ families when establishing a marriage.

Thinking of today’s dating scene, we sometimes date on the advice of family or friends, but even that is starting to fade away.

With the ease of today’s internet and dating apps, anyone can open their phone, create an account, and meet anyone with whatever intent they have – whether looking for love or something else.

What does this mean for the age-old tradition of matchmaking? They say that something is old for a reason – that reason being that it is reliable.

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So, why international dating? Meeting a marriage-minded foreign woman doesn’t take a lot of effort. Apart from dating apps for cell phones, there are thousands of international dating websites that anyone with a computer can use. Most of these allow you to register for free and can be easily used.

The problem, however, is that a lot of these sites do not have high-end matchmaking services. For some, accessing key features requires you to pay before you can even go through the profiles and judge if they are doing a decent job with their website.

Popular online dating apps will focus on swipes and clicks to connect and find a quality partner. It might seem that the service is free until you realize that you have reached the limit of profiles you can see that day. If you want to see more, you have to pay an additional cost.

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