Do Younger Foreign Brides Want to Marry Older Men?

Online dating has paved the way for many older men to find their life partner regardless of their age.

In the past, only rich American men were able to make the journey abroad in search of a foreign woman to marry.

This is because most mature bachelors need to make enough money to travel to a foreign country. And if they do have the necessities to travel abroad, they have to hire someone to help them meet and talk to potential partners.

Nowadays, however, there are many resources that anyone can use. There are literally thousands of professional matchmakers, dating apps, and matchmaking agencies online.

Be that as it may, you may be wondering if foreign women are as open to marrying older, eligible men as they say. The answer? Absolutely. There are many women from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc. who want to date and marry more mature men. These are some of the best countries to find a girlfriend.

They don’t limit themselves to marrying men their age in their countries. They’re now working with highly-established international matchmaking agencies to help them find an older, eligible husband. Here’s why:

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Why Foreign Women Prefer Older Men

There are a lot of differences between younger men and older men when it comes to love and relationships.

For instance, young men may be more adventurous, fit, and even better looking, but they are not as mentally mature as their counterparts. They may lack manners. They don’t like it when their girlfriends tell them what to do. They may not want to have children or a family just yet.

Younger foreign women know these bad qualities when dating them, so they lean toward dating older men instead.

They may be younger. But these women know what they want in a husband — a man who knows how to treat them well.

They know that older gentlemen have these qualities, as well as these others:

Maturity and Resilience

When faced with challenges, older men, banking on their experience, know what to do. They know how to remain calm through the storm.

This is because they have reached a level of maturity that men in their 20s haven’t. They have gone through breakups and breakthroughs, learned many skills, encountered all kinds of people, and a lot more. Many older gentlemen have seen it all, and few things faze them.


Though young men know their responsibility in the relationship, they don’t know how to effectively impose their thoughts and actions. They tend to be wishy-washy at times.

Older men, however, know how to take the lead and do it well. They don’t assert dominance just for the sake of it. They only do it when needed because they understand that true leadership is making the right decision that will benefit the family.


When men reach a certain age, they are more focused on creating a happy family life. They are not just dating women for the sake of dating them. They are genuine in their search for a wife. This quality is what makes them ideal for foreign brides since they date to marry, as well.

Financially Stable

Studies show that financial stress leads to lower levels of satisfaction in relationships. This is why money is the second leading cause of divorce in the United States.

So, it is understandable that foreign women are into older men. They crave stability and security, and these men have that. They have good financial standing and know how to make favorable financial choices.

Older men are wiser. They have more experience in relationships and life, in general. This is very important since foreign women want a reliable and mature man.

Advantages of Marrying Foreign Women

Gorgeous foreign brides are waiting for you in Latin America.

Men with younger wives tend to be happier and more satisfied in life, concludes Sven Drefahl in his 2010 study about the Danish population.

Another study by Justin Lehmiller affirms this, stating that younger women are less jealous and more committed in relationships.

But what else makes these young, foreign women ideal wives?

They are smart.

Don’t worry about being the only person resolving your issues or problems once you tie the knot.

These women may be young, but they know how to handle difficult situations. Using their education and life experiences, they can give you another perspective on resolving your problems.

They are mature.

Though these younger women haven’t experienced the things you have, they aren’t clueless about life. Women, in general, are more mentally and emotionally mature than men of the same age.

Despite their limited life experience, they possess a unique perspective on life. They understand the value of family and the sanctity of marriage. You can discuss deep philosophical topics with them. They know and pay attention to the things that truly matter.

They will put your family first.

As an older gentleman, your family is your top priority. You want to marry someone who will give you and your future children the attention, care, and affection that you need. You want to be with a woman who also has these family values in mind.

There’s no need to worry about this when marrying younger foreign women. They understand the importance of family. At an early age, they know their responsibilities to their future husband and children.

They are more optimistic.

People tend to get more cynical as they get older. Younger people, on the other hand, tend to be more optimistic. They are more inquisitive and open to possibilities and changes.

Though this doesn’t mean that being with a younger bride dissolves your jaded outlook in life, having her will at least help you view the world in a positive light.

They are devoted.

Divorce may be legal in most countries in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, but they also have some of the lowest divorce rates in the world.

This is because these younger foreign women want to make their marriages work. They won’t just end a marriage because of one fight.

They are that loyal to their promises of marriage. Once they say “yes” at the altar, they view it as a lifetime commitment to themselves, their relationships, and their faith.

From their character to their values, foreign women have the necessary qualities that every older gentleman is looking for in a bride.

Where to Find a Younger Foreign Bride

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